Colorado Springs International

The Office of International Affairs of Colorado Springs was an agency that was responsible for coordinating international activities and programs in the city of Colorado Springs. Local businesses and other organizations used the office to get involved in various aspects of international business and trade.

In order to help such businesses and companies, the office organized many different programs and special events during the business year. Not only did these programs and events helped to increase the exposure of the general town of Colorado Spring to international areas, but they also recognized and rewarded the efforts of local firms and businesses toward international dealings. This served to make more people aware of the town’s efforts and to give it a positive reputation throughout the world.

Programs organized by the office that may be of interest included the International Awards Lunch, the Consular Official’s Briefing, the Ambassadors to the World and Chamber of Commerce programs, and the Mayor’s International Forums.

As a non-profit organization, the office was able to be affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America, located at the heart of politics and business in Washington, D.C. This helped to promote a greater understanding of political, cultural, and economic affairs in the Colorado Springs area and beyond. Other organizations with which the office is affiliated include the World Trade Center in Denver, the United States Export Assistance Center, the International Trade Office, and the Pikes Peak Library District. To become involved with any of these organizations on any level, interested parties could contact the office directly.